Paternoster - mechanized storage system

Paternoster - mechanized storage system


The Paternosters produced by our company offer to users immediate and comfortable access to stored documents. The Paternoster makes the work with information clearer and faster. It saves time and space what leads to higher work speed and effectiveness. The practical application of the Paternoster confirmed the importance in the field of warehouse storage systems.

Thanks to modular design, it can combine different types of shelves in one single machine. Thus an universal machine can be created meeting any requirements of the office. The system offers variability not only in diversity of stored items and the system of the storage, but also in its size, the way of installation, surface treatment and internal equipment. A customer can choose the system according to his requirements.

The Design of Paternoster also allows combination of several types of card registers in one system. Paternoster and its parts are designed to meet high load capacity. The load capacity of shelf is 150 kg. Even long-term maximum load of shelf does not cause its permanent deformation. For shelves with pull out frames or drawers, high-quality ball bearing slides are used providing failure-free function at everyday use even under maximum capacity load. Any overload or unequal load of the system is immediately registered by control unit activating the overload protection function. This minimizes the risk of damage even in case of improper operation.

The Paternoster can store different types of documents and items:

» folders and files storage - Practical bend in the front part of shelf protects the documents from falling-out while the machine works. The bend can be also used to label shelves with the numbers as well as the additional information about stored documents. Metal dividers offer better organization of the stored documents and opportunity to split the shelf into several sections.

» hanging files - Represents one of the most effective systems for archiving documents with frequent access and quick flow. The frames of Paternoster for hanging files are designed for archiving files of different types and standards maintaining maximal storage capacity use at the same time.

» lateral files - Lower shelves with the same depth as shelves for hanging files provide sufficient capacity for lateral storage of files - folders, files and boxes. Practical bend in the front part of shelf protects the documents from falling out, and can be used as information slip as well. Metal dividers offer improved overview in the stored documents.

» vertical storage of files - The Paternoster with vertical system of document storage is equipped with pull out drawers instead of pull out frames. Drawers are equipped with mechanical blocking system against unprompted draw-out. Vertical storage is suitable for archiving of large quantities of thin files. Perforated bottom of the drawer allows installing metal dividers with informatics designed to improve orientation in the documentation.

» index cards - The Paternoster for index cards can be equipped with pull out drawers or steel metal boxes with various size depending on the size of stored document. Plastic or metal dividers of various dimensions offer better organization of stored documents. Layout and a number of drawers on the shelf depend on the type of the card register. Design of Paternoster also allows combination of several types of card registers in one system.


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