About us

About us


We live in global world. The individual markets are closer together and competition is fiercer than ever before. The question is what are the pros of the KOVAL SYSTEMS and what benefits do our products and services offer? We are sure you that you will get the clear answer, after reading information on our website, in catalogs and presentations, and in contact with our team member.


The KOVAL SYSTEMS, a. s., offers a wide range of own sophisticated products based on the customers’ needs and expertise of several industries. The company’s original range is widen by complex automated solutions in various fields, such as storing, archiving, parking, and packet delivery logistics.


Our customer-orientated approach and our design and development sections enable complex design and solution delivery according to customer preference and needs. Thanks to the considerable expansion of the software and hardware development divisions, the delivery product is not only the machine, but also the complex control, database and service software that is custom made for the hardware.


The high quality of our products, services and satisfied customers are the key principles of the KOVAL SYSTEMS. The independent quality section, certified and monitored processes, as well as the most advanced 3D measurement technologies in the manufacturing process guarantee that a customer will get the flawless and high-quality products.


One of the most essential company’s elements is the service it offers. Customers are able to approach not only engineering and development department but they can also be professionally advised regarding sales or technical issues along with the warranty and post-warranty matters via hot-line service. For selected products, it is also possible to remotely and online monitor the condition of purchased products with the immediate action from the sellers side in case of their failure.


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