Paternoster - mechanized storage system

Paternoster - mechanized storage system


The EK 7003 Medical Paternoster is a modern registry system for well-organized and efficient storage of medical documents and records. This device is a proven and optimal solution to the storage of many documents. It makes the storage of files clearer, faster, more comfortable and more available.

The Paternoster is a carousel system of vertically rotating shelves inside device. The device fulfills the requirements of modern registries. It is based on “the document to a user” principle. After the operator’s request, the file is automatically found and delivered to the dispensing window. The modern control unit finds the shortest and fastest access to the shelf. The whole process takes only a few seconds. Gain higher productivity and save time.

The construction of the EK 7003 offers the maximum storage capacity with the minimally occupied space. Unlike the standard storage in office cabinets or filing cabinets, the room height is maximally used. You can store much more files with the same space.

Only the authorized users can access and work with the stored documents. The users authorize themselves with their names and passwords or with the RFID card. Thanks to the system settings, the user’s access to the specific shelves is precisely defined and set. The authorized access offers accurate records of actions and users’ operations.

Thanks to the modularity of the internal shelves, you can store different types of documents and medical records:

» The folders and storage files - The opened shelves enable comfortable storing of the folders, various storage files and covers. Metal dividers offer better organization of the stored documents dividing the shelf into several sections.

» lateral organization of storage files - The lower-height shelves are used for the lateral storing of files, smaller folders and boxes for documents. The practical bend in the front part of shelf protects the documents from falling out, and it is also the information bar. Metal dividers make the documentation better organized and clearer.

» files organized vertically - The shelves have solid-bottom drawers with the mechanical blocking against spontaneous opening. Thanks to the perforated bottom of the drawers, you can use the metal dividers with the information which provides faster and clearer work with the documents. It is the efficient solution to store the large number of thinner files.

» filing cabinets - The filing cabinets can be equipped with the pull-out runners or filingcabinet boxes of various sizes for various document sizes (standardly A4 or A5). The layout and the number of drawers in a shelf depend on the type of filing cabinet. You can combine various types of equipment within one device.

The Paternoster matches any medical room, thanks to its modern design and the innumerable color versions, the customer can choose from. It can be fully integrated into already-built medical centers or just planned ones. The customer can choose the color of device components from the RAL color scale.

The IMT Doc storing system:

The IMT Doc system, which offers easy work and perfect data, is primarily used for documents such as the medical records, check-up cards, personal cards and other long-term file records. It replaces the obsolete physical filing cabinets and provides a new approach to evidence and archiving. You can search for the records and browse through the catalog. There is the authorization tool to sign in to the account and verify the access to the stored items.

BENEFITS of the IMT Doc software:

» Search and filters: the system provides the filter setting and the dynamic search in folders,
» security: the users log into the system with their names and passwords and the data is saved in an encrypted form,
» data export supported,
» categories: the items organized into groups, filters for the groups and the easy search,
» barcode reader supported, the fast scan of the 1D and 2D codes,
» low demands on hardware,
» easy operation of the software: there is no need for the client to install the system on a computer,
» unlimited number of users,
» support for integration and compatibility with the already existing client‘s information systems.


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