Paternoster - mechanized storage system

Paternoster - mechanized storage system


The EK 7002 - Paternoster Industry is a modern storage system for well-arranged and efficient storage of various assembly parts, components and work tools. This device represents an optimal solution of a problems associated with storing large amounts of materials. The EK 7002 maintains easy and convenient availability of items.

The Paternoster is a carousel system of vertically rotating shelves inside device. It follows the basic idea of ​​modern warehouses - "material to operator". At the command of the operator, the required item is automatically searched for and transported to the dispensing window of the device. The modern control unit determines the shortest and fastest access to the shelf. The whole process takes only a few seconds. The result is significant time savings and increased productivity.

The construction of the EK 7002 offers the maximum storage capacity with the minimally occupied space. Unlike usual storage in racks, the device uses also the maximum height of space, so that you can store much more material with the same space.

Only authorized users can access the device and withdraw the stored material. The users authorize themselves with their names and passwords or with the RFID card. Identified in the system, an individual user can get the certain items, whereas he/she cannot withdraw others. Thanks to the verified access, there are always records of movement, and numbers of items left in the device.

Depending on the type of door closing the dispensing window, we offer the Paternoster EK 7002 Industry in two different versions. The difference is in the extent to which storage locations with stored goods are made available:

» EK 7002 A - A version with automatic door covering the entire dispensing window. Once opened, the entire items of the selected shelf will be made available to the authorized user. Within controlled access, it is possible to define user's access rights to the individual police. The EK 7002 A model is ideal for fast mass storage, removal and storing of large items and packaging.

» EK 7002 D - A version with a automatically controlled, independent, electric doors. The construction of the shelf makes possible to divide the space into smaller storage places horizontally and vertically with a partitions. The electrically operated doors allows the authorized user access only to the selected storage location in accordance with the shelf layout. The EK 7002 D model is ideal for workplaces where it is necessary to control the movement of goods and reduce their consumption.

The system offers variability not only in diversity of stored items and the system of the storage, but also in its size, the way of installation, surface treatment and internal equipment. A customer can choose the system according to his requirements.

The Paternoster and its parts are designed to meet high load capacity. Even long-term maximum load of shelf does not cause its permanent deformation. Any overload or unequal load of the system is immediately registered by control unit activating the overload protection function. This minimizes the risk of damage even in case of improper operation.

The IMT Tools control software:

The IMT Tools is an application developed in our company. It is designed for storage systems made up of EK 7XXX series products. It is designed for use in industrial manufacturing, especially for the solution of storage and evidence of tools and implements.

The system works as a vending machine. The operator of the machine, with the necessary rights, can choose or borrow an item from the device - tools. The machine (warehouse) administrator has the option to monitor movements in the warehouse and manage a comprehensive system. IMT Tools has its own authorization tool for creating and controlling access to stored items.

BENEFITS of the IMT TOOLS software:

» Detailed records of items in the device,
» control of a item's life cycle,
» online overview of occupancy and available capacity of individual devices,
» e-mail notifications in case of stock drop below the specified value,
» records of consumption of the goods for a specific user,
» automatic generation of an order requests,
» registration of individual suppliers of items, assignment of price or time of delivery,
» sophisticated management of stored items,
» possibility of control and remote management of the device,
» export data for a selected period in standard formats, like * .csv, * .xsls, or graphically,
» support of working with a (2D) code reader,
» integration support and connection to various superset information systems.


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