Paternoster - mechanized storage system

Paternoster - mechanized storage system


Mechanised storage system EK 7003 - PharmaStore is intended for clear storage and subsidization of entire packages of medicines or of individual pieces (picking per patient / department) and specialized medical equipment (SMEs).

The EK 7003 – PharmaStore is a carousel system of shelves vertically rotating inside the device. It effectively applies the basic idea of modern warehouses - „packaging to staff“ in practice. The required package is automatically searched for at the command of the operator and delivered to the dispensing window of the device. A modern control unit determines the shortest and fastest access to the shelf. The operator is no longer forced to search for individual drugs in various storage locations in the warehouse, with the necessity of using ladders and other aids. The whole process takes only a few seconds, resulting in significant time saving and increased work productivity.

The design of the device provides maximum storage capacity with minimum requirements for built-up area. In contrast to the standard storage in shelves, cabinets and sets of drawers, the height of the given space is used to the maximum. In this way, it is possible to store several times more packages of medicines and SMEs on the same surface area.

The system allows defining and authorizing multiple users with different access rights to individual storage locations.

Depending on the type of door closing the dispensing window, we offer the Paternoster EK 7002 Industry in two different versions. The difference is in the extent to which storage locations with stored goods are made available:

» EK 7003 A (door variant) -Equipped with manually or automatically operated doors covering the entire dispensing window. After opening the door, the entire contents of the selected shelf are available to authorized personnel.
The EK 7003 A model is intended for quick bulk stocking up, unloading and storage of larger packages of pharmaceuticals and SMEs. It is used in central hospital warehouses, institutional pharmacies, and in-patient and pre-operative wards.

» EK 7003 D (small doors variant) - Unlike the door variant, the EK 7003 D is equipped with several automatically controlled, independent smaller doors. An authorized user is allowed access only to a certain storage location in accordance with the division of the shelves.
The EK 7003 D model is ideal for a workplace where it is necessary to monitor the movement of medicines, reduce their consumption and remove access to specific items by certain users.

» EK 7004 - MiniStore - The structurally modified model EK 7004 – MiniStore maintains the typical features and advantages of the standard PharmaStore device, while reducing its main dimensions. Together with the light weight and added silicone wheels, the system is movable between individual rooms, departments and buildings according to current needs. Depending on the stored material and purpose of the device, it is also possible to choose between the door (EK 7004 A) and the small doors (EK 7004 D) variant.
The EK 7004 - MiniStore model is an ideal solution for workplaces characterized by significant spatial limitations or dynamically changing needs of the staff.

The system offers variability not only in diversity of stored items and the system of the storage, but also in its size, the way of installation, surface treatment and internal equipment. A customer can choose the system according to his requirements.


» Saving the necessary time and space by up to 50%,
» access only for authorized personnel,
» accurate records of access to facilities and an overview of the movement of stored material,
» electronically controlled and locked door of the dispensing window,
» internal reliable space with 24/7 temperature control and recording,
» configurable shelves with variable division,
» large touch screen for comfortable operation,
» possibility of integration with hospital / pharmacy IS,
» a wide range of accessories and additional equipment.

The IMT Medical storage software:

The IMT Medical is a special storage system created for use in the pharmaceutical industry of public and hospital pharmacies. By using IMT Medical, it is possible to easily and in real time get an overview of the stock status in the facility, the expiration date and other selected data. Connecting to the database of the central warehouse and performing all operations with this warehouse is also possible.

BENEFITS of the IMT Medical software:

» Detailed records of items in the device,
» automatic record of medication expiration date,
» online overview of occupancy and available capacity of individual devices,
» e-mail notification in the event of a drop in stock below the specified value,
» records of all operations in the medicine storage,
» automatic generation of drug orders,
» records of suppliers, assignment of price, time of delivery of items, etc.,
» transparent management of stock items,
» data export for the selected period in standard formats (*.csv, *.xsls), or graphically,
» support for work with EAN and 2D code readers,
» support for integration and connection to various superior information systems,
» simple device inventory.


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