Paternoster - mechanized storage system

Paternoster - mechanized storage system


The EK 7000 devices can be equipped with a wide range of accessories which makes work much more easier and effective.

» identification LED bar - Makes the document retrieval much easier and faster. As soon as the shelf with the required document is found and transported into the working window, control electronics turns on the respective LED on the bar informing the user in which section of the shelf is the document located.

» gas fire extinguisher - The Paternoster can be equipped with gas fire extinguisher to protect the stored documents and items from direct damage from fire or high temperature. Gas fire extinguisher does not damage stored items or the machine itself.

» bar code reader - Having the Paternoster equipped with a bar code reader, the work with stored documents and items becomes much faster and easier. The bar code reader is suitable for use with our software solutions.

» personal computer - The Paternoster can be interconnected with personal computer controlling one or more machines simultaneously. If connected to LAN each Paternoster can be controlled by several computers. Connection to PC allows exploitation of all database and warehouse QuickDoc software advantages. The Paternoster can be delivered with standard desktop PC or with ALL-IN-ONE-PC with touch display situated directly on the machine and equipped with adjustable holder.

» work desk - Creates the necessary space for handling material. Made of high-quality MDF board. The overall appearance is completed by abrasion-resistant adhesive strips, foils with different structures, or metal materials. Not only the shape, dimensions and material of the desk are adapted to individual requirements, but there is also the possibility of making a folding version, or for its complete removal.

» air conditioning - The air conditioning unit is an optional superstructure built into the upper part of the device. It creates ideal storage conditions for temperature-sensitive items by maintaining a constant temperature of 20 °C ÷ 30 °C. Unlike the traditional method of storage in shelves, it is no longer necessary to air-condition the entire room, which results in significant energy savings.

» shelves and dividers - The shelves of the EK 7000 devices are prepared through perforation for installation of vertical dividers. This system makes it possible to create a grid of storage locations of various sizes according to the user‘s needs, dimensions and quantity of stored items. In the case of the small doors version (e. g. EK 7002 D or EK 7003 D), horizontal dividers are also used, enabling the longitudinal division of each shelf into smaller sections. Partitions are offered in 5 different vertical heights and 3 horizontal widths.

» emergency mode - In emergency mode (e.g. in the event of a power failure), it is possible to continue using the Paternoster with the help of the emergency supply source. The device allows the connection of an external mechanism, with the help of which it is possible to move the shelves. The mechanism is not deployed during normal operation of the device.


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