Paternoster - mechanized storage system

Paternoster - mechanized storage system


It is possible to control the EK 7000 Paternoster with a keyboard, PC or manually.

» manual control During the emergency mode (in case of electric power breakdown, engine failure, etc.) system allows to move the shelves using a crank situated in the right bottom part of the Paternoster. During the normal operation, the crank is not used. As the crank is set on clutch disconnects mechanism from motor which enables easy movement of the shelves.

» keyboard control possible in two modes:

» By pressing buttons  or  user moves the shelves in desired direction until required shelf is reached. Display situated on the keyboard is always showing the number of actual shelf in the working window, what makes the orientation and searching process much easier and faster.
» User enters and confirms the number of required shelf by the keyboard. Control unit of the Paternoster selects the optimal path for the fastest retrieval of the required shelf. Display situated on the keyboard always shows the number of actual shelf in the working window, what makes the orientation much easier.

» control via PC The Paternoster produced by our company allows connection to PC. A user can obtain many new benefits. While keyboard control is maintained user can also control the Paternoster via PC. Besides other functions, by utilizing database software ROTO, user can monitor the status and flow of the documents in the machine.

ROTO database software improves the effectivity and comfort while working with carousel. Software can provide a user with new possibilities in documents or items management. Each document or item can be easily and accurately identified, what allows easy and fast searching through computer. A user can also get detailed information about the document, item or material rotation. Database can be filled with many useful information about each item - date and time of inserting, name of inserting user, name and item description, exact position in the carousel, information about the item status (inside, outside), etc. Software allows also realtime editing of the database - e.g. adding detailed information about the item.

Interconnection of several Paternosters through bus to control server allows creation of larger archive groups. For document management and work in such environment, the KOVAL SYSTEMS, a. s., offers useful and powerful assistant - Quick Doc database software. This system provides a user with many new possibilities and additional functions. 

The software is composed of two modules:

» Quick Doc serves - Designed for communication of Paternoster or group of Paternosters with control servers and creates a control structure for all machines.

» Quick Doc client - is a user module for easy, simple and effective work with documents and document management. The module offers:
» immediate search for documents according to requested criteria;
» filtering and sorting the documents according to selected criteria;
» using LED bars for easier retrieval of documents;
» automatic creation of document queues showing the task number on the display;
» creation of hierarchical user structure with different access rights for document blocks;
» data back-up;
» LOG function - journal records all events performed by Paternoster providing additional function of filtering and sorting of the events according to selected criteria (date, time, user, document type).

Software allows on-line modification of database if any extension is needed. It also allows import and export of the data in standard file formats.


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