Mobile and fixed shelving systems

Mobile and fixed shelving systems

Moving racking system drives

The EK 7500 moving racking systems are available in several versions of drives so each customer can choose any version:

» manual drive - economical and almost maintenance-free solutions for racking systems. Manual drive of the racking system integrates the advantages of moving racking systems and favorable price of fixed racking system. Smooth movement of the racks without major effort is achieved due to high-quality gear and ergonomic handle.

» mechanical drive - provides customer with additional support while moving one or even several racks at the same time. Mechanical drive meets the requirements for medium or big racking systems. It is also suitable for small racking system with a user's high-comfort demand.

» electric drive - is designed for all types of racking systems where high comfort for a user and control is required, especially for large racking systems particularly where frequent access to documents is required. The main control panel (computer with touch display) is situated on the first rack. After entering the request, the racks start to move and create the aisle to allow the access to required documents. All racks move simultaneously what significantly reduces the access time. On the side plate of each rack, additional control buttons are situated. The system allows assigning user rights to individual users by PIN codes and connection to personal computer with database software.

Mobile racking system equipped with electronic drive offers to the user maximal comfort and effectiveness. Additionally, racks can be controlled directly from personal computer. Electronic control system allows movement of one or several racks at the same time and automatic return of racks to initial position. 

Obviously, electronic access can be protected by PIN code and authorizations can be assigned to individual users. A racking system also offers night ventilation of the racks, user protection in the opened aisle and other functions. 

Database software offers classification of stored material and documents, selection of required item and opening the aisle according to selected parameters. Thanks to database software, user has overview about the documents and material movement and detailed information about its storage position.


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