Mobile and fixed shelving systems

Mobile and fixed shelving systems

EK 7500

Moving racking systems are extremely efficient if you would like to store materials in large quantity with the need for simple and quick access to individual items at any time. They are effective for their space optimization (increasing the available space by up to 80%) and easy access to stored items.

The idea is to make only one access aisle, which is right there, where you need it at the moment. The racks can be moved either individually or in groups. This fact significantly shortens the time needed to reach the required item. Using the mobile racking system, you can double the archiving capacity, and then use the saved space to build another racking system or a new workshop. Thanks to their modular design, you can store and archive various documents and items in a safe way. Customers can freely choose and add accessories to the system in order to satisfy their requirements.

Besides standard types, we offer customer’s product versions. The racking system can be design and adjusted in size and shape to fit in a particular room, maximizing archiving capacity. We offer our years of experience in design and production of racking systems to provide every customer with the best design. The design takes into account the specific requirements for capacity, layout and design of the record office. The modern and elegant sidewalls enables to place a mobile racking system into public and office space.

When we design and install the EK 7500 mobile racking systems, we take into consideration not only specific customer and space requirements, but also the type of floor, on which mobile racking is to be placed. The floor influences the rails used for motion of mobile racking systems.

These are the most common variants: 

» rails assembled on the chipboard false basement - suitable for rooms with finished floor. Rails are fixed to the floor, space between floor and rails is covered by chipboard false basement, which is then covered by flooring material according to the customer's request. Sides of basement are protected by entrance ramps and facing side plates.

» built-in rails - suitable for new buildings or rooms without finished floor. Rails are fixed directly on the ground concrete or in the slots cut into the existing floor. Rails are afterwards covered and leveled with final concrete layer to meet safety and design requirements of a customer.

» self-supporting system - suitable for premises, where any invasion of existing floor is prohibited. It does not require fixing to the floor. It is composed of grill (lengthwise and crosswise beams), where chipboard false basement and flooring material is fixed. System can be moved to different premises anytime without any visible marks on the floor.

Rails for movable racking systems are made of high-quality steel with a possibility of powder or zinc surface finishing.






aisle width

800 - 1200 mm


distance from the wall

min. 50 mm


chassis height

115 mm


platform height

up to 50 mm


section width

512 - 1012 mm


depth of one rack

310 mm


depth of double rack

250 - 1000 mm (max. 2000 mm)



1200 - 4000 mm

load capacity 

50 - 150 kg (max. 300 kg)

types of drives

manual, mechanical, electric


assembly of rails

chipboard false basement, mounted floor, floor concrete


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