Metal office furniture

Metal office furniture

EK 7200

The EK 7200 wide office furniture provides the perfect orderliness in the stored documentation, makes work more operative and more comfortable.

The EK 7200 and the EK 7100 individual types of metal office furniture differ from each other in width and height. Cabinet cases and their features are identical, only the capacities and used drawers are different.

Metal office furniture is equipped with central locking system to increase security and users comfort - all drawers can be locked with one single key. Mutual blockage of drawers does not allow opening of more than one drawer at the same time. Welded case of the cabinet made of 1,5 mm iron plate together with doubled front drawers increase the metallic furniture toughness and security. Metallic furniture can be fastened onto the floor by customer’s request.

Full slide-out rails enable full opening of the drawer and comfortable access to the documents. High-quality linear ball bearings of the full slide-out assure smooth movement of drawers. Not fully opened drawer closes automatically. Individual drawers are divided by bars and supplemented with labeled separating cards to make storage more organized. Minimal load capacity of each drawer is 50 kg.

Modern design and appropriate combination of colors (handle/casket) makes it easier to integrate cabinets to the office premises. The cabinets are offered in standard light grey colour (RAL 7035) in combination with dark grey (RAL 7040) or stainless steel handles.



Dimensions H x W x D (mm)

Drawer type

Weight (kg)

EK 7214 Z2

1350 x 780 x 640

4 x Z2


EK 7223 Z2

1032 x 780 x 640

3 x Z2


EK 7232 Z2

714 x 780 x 640

2 x Z2






EK 7215 Z5

1350 x 780 x 640

5 x Z5


EK 7224 Z5

1094 x 780 x 640

4 x Z5


EK 7233 Z5

840 x 780 x 640

3 x Z5






EK 7216 Z6

1350 x 780 x 640

6 x Z6


EK 7224 Z6

926 x 780 x 640

4 x Z6


EK 7232 Z6

502 x 780 x 640

2 x Z6






EK 7218 Z10

1350 x 780 x 640

8 x Z10


EK 7226 Z10

1032 x 780 x 640

6 x Z10


EK 7234 Z10

714 x 780 x 640

4 x Z10



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