Metal office furniture

Metal office furniture

EK 7400

Thanks to its rotating internal part, the EK 7400 rotary card register provides possibility to feed in the items or documentation from two sides while the front side access is maintained. Compared to standard office furniture it provides doubled storage capacity on almost identical area occupied. 

Rotary cards registers EK 7400 are specific:

» protection - Rubber sealing on side panels of external casing protect the interior of rotary card register from dust and they also have safety function preventing injuries in case of careless manipulation.

» security - Rotary card register is equipped with locking mechanism to protect the content from unauthorised access (two full side panels form closed skeleton of the rotating part).

» movement - Quality bearing track enables smooth and quiet rotation of the register. The card register can move only if control pedal is pressed which increases security and prevents from unprompted turning of the register. Detent stops the register automatically in 4 standard positions (2 open and 2 closed positions).

» modularity - Standard card register module is manufactured in 4 versions (with 4, 5, 6 and 7 shelves). It can be supplemented anytime with additional modules allowing system capacity increase at lower cost. Both modules are equipped with the same number of adjustable shelves. According to customer’s request, the cabinets can be supplemented with additional fixed or pull-out shelves, drawers and hanging frames.

Layout of cabinets:

» towards the wall with fixed rear facing panel;
» from the wall;
» through the wall;
» configuration of cabinets as a dividing wall;
» with rear facing panels towards each other.


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