The POST BOX is a multi-functional terminal for insertion and withdrawal of the post. It is a modular facility based on the EK 3007 P BOX product line. Thanks to this machine, the residents are provided with automated post services, such as shipment delivery, shipment receiving, input and output cash payments, cash payments for services of post office and other services depending on client's choice.

It consists of the control module (RM) and the box module (SM). The fact that you can design your assembly module, choosing among different number and size of boxes satisfies even the most demanding clients. The boxes are equipped with an electronic door opening with lock control and the content identification of boxes. You choose the service mode to open all empty boxes, and then you load boxes from the front side of the assembly. The POST BOX unit is computer-controlled using the Windows XP embedded platform. The user interface is a touch screen for input and output operations.

The terminal for control module can be equipped with additional functions, such as client’s identification for registered mails, receiving cash on delivery, the mobile operator services etc. The facility can be equipped with printed payment receipt, the QR code scanner, text message notification and other optional functions according to client’s requirements for the facility functionality. Each machine can be connected to the network (Ethernet) by means of either the line connection or the wireless modem.

The system components allow you to design custom-made units according to customer's current needs, as well as to expand the already working assemblies in the future. Individual assemblies can be made also according to customer's specific requirements for design and the entire color version.

You can transform the POST BOX products into delivery systems controlled by a superior information system, monitoring the operation of all the assemblies in the system.


» payment or delivery confirmation printing,
» barcode reader,
» RfID reader,
» SMS delivery notification,
» cash payment module for banknotes only,
» cash payment module for banknotes and coins,
» payment cashless module,
» optional network connection (GPRS, GSM, Ethernet),
» optional software modules.


» exterior shelter,
» exterior shelter with lighting,
» exterior lighting bar,
» backlit info-panel,
» supplementary cover panels,
» fundament anchoring frames,
» supplementary air-conditioning,
» video inspection,
» GPRS/GSM/EDGE modem,
» power supply,
» complementary accessories according to the customer's request.


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