The EK 10100 - BiblioMat is a modern automatic device suitable for public city libraries as well as university and scientific libraries etc. It offers contactless borrowing and returning of the books in 24/7 mode. The BiblioMat has been designed to cooperate with library management and information systems.

The BiblioMat always consists of at least two columns. There is the control panel with boxes in one column. In another column or columns, there are other boxes of various sizes. The individual boxes are locked automatically by means of electronic control. You can add or remove columns to create structures, according to the library current needs. You are free to choose the sizes and layouts of the boxes in the columns. 

Thanks to its exterior design, protective components, and the construction of the boxes, there is guarantee that books are protected from the weather conditions.


» A color touchscreen,
» a barcode reader.


» The speaker for sound messages,
» device backlight,
» a small shelter against rain,
» color design according to the customer´s requirements (the RAL color chart).


» Storing of reserved books in a specific box.
» A client gets the text message or an e-mail notification when a book is ready. He also gets the access PIN or QR code as well as the deadline for a book withdrawal. 
» Service mode enables the employees to take out the books, which were returned or not withdrawn, and they can control simple service operations.
» When returning your books, you only need to insert them into empty box.
» Simple and intuitive operation.
» The BiblioMat’s software module is synchronized with the library management and information systems such as DAWINCI.


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