Automatic coordinate systems

Automatic coordinate systems

The IMT Medical storage system

The EK 7810 - LogiPharm is equipped with the software that exchanges all the data between individual devices and the AWS L central server. If there is no superset pharmacy system available, we offer the IMT Medical system for LogiPharm. It replaces the pharmacy system and allows the device to work autonomously. The IMT Medical system can provide complex sets of cooperating storage devices offered by our company.

The IMT Medical is a unique storage system designed for the medicine industry. It is used for public and hospital pharmacies. The IMT Medical provides the easy real-time overview about the quantity of medicines, expiration date and other important data. It naturally connects to the central storage database and controls all the storage operations. The system works as a dispensing machine. The authorized user can withdraws the selected item from the device, whereas the user with limited rights can only withdraws the items he is authorized to.

The user can determine individual suppliers, prices, time of delivery and other optional parameters for medicine. All this information will effectively help to meet the expectations of customers, suppliers, and logistics. All the changes and activities of the stored items are accurately recorded, which provides all the information of stockup process and the item withdrawn from the device.

The stocktaking module is used to monitor and carry out the stocktaking of the quantity of medicine stored in devices. It offers an information with clear graphs about the items in stock and dispensed items.


» Detailed records of items in the device,
» automatic records for expiration of medicines,
» online overview of occupancy and available capacity of individual devices,
» e-mail notifications in case, of stock drop below the specified value,
» all the operations in the medicine storage are recorded,
» automatic generation of order of medicines,
» registration of individual suppliers of items, set price and time of delivery,
» sophisticated management of stored items,
» export data for a selected period in standard formats, like *.csv, *.xsls, or graphically,
» supports the reader for the EAN code and 2D code,
» integration support and connection to various superset information systems,
» easy stocktaking of the device’s content.


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